Stacey Bispham-Royce, PA-C

Stacey Bispham-Royce, PA-CIn her freshman year at college, a dorm mate introduced her to the Physician Assistant profession. A close family friend and nurse introduced her to a PA who allowed her to shadow him. That PA became her mentor. Later, an opportunity came along that she could not turn down. Stacey joined the PA, Emergency room staff workers, and church members on a medical mission trip to India. That amazing experience confirmed her decision to pursue a career as a Physician Assistant.

The University of Florida’s PA program is the most competitive and most recognized PA school in Florida. Stacey was accepted into the PA program in 2005 and graduated 2007 with her Masters degree. Her father was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation, which inspired her to enter the Cardiology field of study. Although a challenging field of study, Stacey excelled academically. She took pride in being able to assist her father with understanding his diagnosis and treatment.

Towards the end of her PA training, she applied for a rotation assisting with cardiac surgery under local Cardiothoracic surgeons, Dr. Golino and Dr. Peterson. They introduced her to Dr. Gino Sedillo, who was searching for a PA. Stacey immediately applied and obtained the position and years later still works alongside Dr. Sedillo. They make a great team and Stacey absolutely loves her job. Stacey feels that Dr. Sedillo is an excellent physician, an extremely intelligent individual, and a warm-hearted, well-rounded friend. Like Dr. Sedillo, Stacey is board certified and is affiliated with several professional organizations. She excels in diagnosing and treating cardiac conditions.

Stacey is married and the mother of three precious children. Her married name is Stacey Royce although some patients remember her as Stacey Bispham, or just “Stacey”. She loves interacting with patients, they bring a smile to her face every day. She describes the satisfaction she receives from caring for patients as priceless and feels honored to be their health care provider.